Our tree care equipment

Tipper truck, wood chipper and excavator

Quality tree removal with quality equipment

At TCL Trees, we pull out all the stops to ensure your project is completed safely, efficiently, and with quality workmanship. This means we employ expert tree removalists and machine operators, keep up to date with industry standards and regulations, and utilise only the best equipment on the market. Our plant and equipment is well-built, well-maintained, and available for wet hire across South East Queensland.

Our wood chippers

Our Vermeer wood chippers enable us to complete tree removal services that leave no waste for you to clean up, and can even produce mulch and compost material you can use in your garden! These large chippers are capable of processing material in bulk, making them perfect for large sites.

The Vermeer BC1800XL chipper

Vermeer BC1800XL chipper

The Vermeer BC1000XL chipper

Vermeer BC1000XL chipper

Our stump grinder

Tree removal, wood chipping, and stump grinding are the core of what we do – and we do it well. That’s why we offer a well-built, well-maintained, and large stump grinder for wet hire on projects of any size across South East Queensland.

Tree removal services that don’t include stump grinding can often leave you with the tree stump and roots where you needed space for your own use. Don’t hire a tree removalist just to hire a stump grinder later – get it all done in one go with TCL Trees.

stump grinder

Wet hire our tree removal equipment for your next project.

Our excavator

At TCL Trees, we understand that a tree removal job can often be more complex than it looks. Whether it needs extra root removal services, backfilling after removal is complete, or you’re looking to plant more trees and need new holes to do it – we’ve got the equipment needed to get it done. The TCL Trees team is ready and equipped to handle every aspect of your tree removal or site clearing project, including any excavation services you require.

Call us to learn more about our excavator for wet hire.


Our tipper trucks

If you’re hiring tree removal services, you want to get rid of a tree – not have it sitting uprooted in your yard. That’s why TCL Trees offers site cleans with our tipper trucks available across South East Queensland. When we’re done with the bulk of your job, our tree removalists and machine operators clear all the related debris away and leave your site ready for use.

Our Hino 500 series tipper

Hino 500 series tipper truck

Our Mitsubishi tipper

Mitsubishi tipper truck

Machine hire locations

Like the look of our plant and equipment? You can wet hire it to your site wherever it is in South East Queensland. We travel from Stanthorpe to the Sunshine Coast for projects of any size, and all across Queensland for projects lasting two months or more. Our short-term travel radius includes:

Still confused? Just call our friendly team, and we can advise you on whether your job is within our service area.

  • Brisbane
  • Gold Coast
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Ipswich

  • Toowoomba
  • Warwick
  • Stanthorpe
  • Kilcoy

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